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Version: 14.0.0

Sapling Spending Key Instantiation


Storing private keys in memory is suitable for development workflows but risky for production use-cases! Use the InMemorySpendingKey appropriately given your risk profile

From Mnemonic

Instantiation of a InMemorySpendingkey from Mnemonic does not require a password as it is only used to change an unencrypted sask... to an encrypted MMXj... spending key or vice versa


  • mnemonic list of words
  • derivationPath tezos current standard 'm/'


  • InMemorySpendingKey class instantiated
const SaplingKeyProvider = await InMemorySpendingKey.fromMnemonic([
'leopard', 'crouch', 'simple', 'blind', 'castle', 'they',
'elder', 'enact', 'slow', 'rate', 'mad', 'blanket',
'saddle', 'tail', 'silk', 'fury', 'quarter', 'obscure',
'interest', 'exact', 'veteran', 'volcano', 'fabric', 'cherry'
) // derivationPath by current standard is 'm/'

From Encrypted Spending Key

If the spending key is encrypted prefixed with MMXj... then a password is required to decrypt to a unencrypted Spending Key sask...


  • spendingKey unencrypted sask... or encrypted MMXj...
  • password required for MMXj encrypted keys
const SaplingKeyProvider = new InMemorySpendingKey(

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