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Version: 14.1.0

Increase Paid Storage

Increase Paid Storage is a new operation available for use starting from Protocol 14 (Kathmandu). It is a new operation that enables a payer to increase the paid storage of a smart contract by a certain byte amount.

This helps resolve an issue where several operations on the same contract would fail when they are added at the same level due to the storage limit being lower than the paid_storage_size_diff.

For more information on this change, refer to this MR in the Tezos codebase.


Similar to other operations, the Increase Paid Storage operation will be available in the Contract API (and later, the wallet API).

Simple Usage

const op = await Tezos.contract.increasePaidStorage({
amount: 2,
await op.confirmation();
  • amount is the the number of bytes you want to increase the paid storage by
  • destination is the KT1 address of the smart contract which storage you would like to increase

After waiting for the operation confirmation, you will also have access to various getters of the operation such as status, amount, destination, fee, gasLimit, errors, storageLimit, consumedMilligas.

Usage in Batches

const op = await Tezos.contract
balance: "1",
code: `parameter string;
storage string;
code {CAR;
PUSH string "Hello ";
NIL operation; PAIR};
init: `"test"`
amount: 1,
await op.confirmation();


const op = await Tezos.contract.batch([
kind: 'origination',
balance: '1',
storage: 0
kind: 'increase_paid_storage',
amount: 1,
await op.confirmation();

Both syntax will work fine for batching any operations, including increase_paid_storage.

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