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Easy to Use

Hit the ground running using: Taquito's Smart-Contract abstractions makes working with contracts feel like your working with plain old JavaScript objects.


Perfect for any JavaScript project on the front-end, back-end or command line with minimal dependencies, Taquito has no reliance on any stack by default, except the Tezos Node.


Taquito comes complete with a well-documented API using TypeDoc, continuous integration tests against the Tezos Node; versioned releases published to

Participation in CII Badging Program

The CII (Core Infrastructure Initiative) badging program was created by the Linux Foundation in response to previous security issues in open-source projects. We are committed to follow these best practices and earn/maintain our CII Badges.

Boilerplate App

The Taquito team has created a small sample project that checks and displays XTZ balance. Developers are invited to use this as a starting point by simply forking the Taquito Boilerplate project in GitHub.

Teams Building on Taquito

Tocqueville Group
Nomadic Labs