Easy to Use

Hit the ground running using: Taquito's Smart-Contract abstractions makes working with contracts feel like your working with plain old JavaScript objects.


Perfect for any JavaScript project on the front-end, back-end or command line with minimal dependencies, Taquito has no reliance on any stack by default, except the Tezos Node.


Taquito comes complete with a well-documented API using TypeDoc, continuous integration tests against the Tezos Node; versioned releases published to npmjs.org.

Participation in CII Badging Program

The CII (Core Infrastructure Initiative) badging program was created by the Linux Foundation in response to previous security issues in open-source projects. We are committed to follow these best practices and earn/maintain our CII Badges.

Boilerplate App

The Taquito team has created a small sample project that checks and displays XTZ balance. Developers are invited to use this as a starting point by simply forking the Taquito Boilerplate project in GitHub.

Teams Building on Taquito

Tocqueville Group
Nomadic Labs