Quick start

Installing the library

For quick-start, you may also like to try out our template/boilerplate app here

The following instructions assume you have a project already created, and you have npm installed and operable.

npm install @taquito/taquito

Import the library in your project

You can access Tezos Toolkit one of two ways:

Import Tezos (a singleton object) from @taquito/taquito.

import { Tezos } from '@taquito/taquito'

Import TezosToolkit from @taquito/taquito and instantiate it.

import { TezosToolkit } from '@taquito/taquito'
const tezos = new TezosToolkit();

NB: this approach is only required if you need to instantiate more than one toolkit.


Changing the underlying rpc

Tezos.setProvider({rpc: "your_rpc"})

Changing the underlying signer

import { TezBridgeSigner } from '@taquito/tezbridge-signer';
Tezos.setProvider({signer: new TezBridgeSigner()})


Get balance


Get balance history


Import a key

This will import your private key in memory and will sign operation using this key automatically



Note: This requires a signer to be configured

const op = await Tezos.contract.transfer({to: 'tz1', amount: 2})
await op.confirmation()

Interact with a smart contract

Note: This requires a signer to be configured

const contract = await Tezos.contract.at('your_address')
const operation = contract.methods.mint('tz1', 100).send({ fee: 20000 })
await operation.confirmation()